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Together. Forward.

Our team of licensed therapists are here to help you become the healthiest version

of yourself and live the best life possible  —  whatever your challenges or goals.

Let's Work Together

our therapists help clients cope with a wide range of concerns
Romantic Walk in Sunset
  • Settle disagreements

  • Improve communication

  • Be caring and considerate

  • Unite during unexpected events

  • Heal through hurts

  • Start anew

A Supportive Hug
  • Enjoy healthy relationships

  • “Come out” in style

  • Promote understanding

  • Find support

  • Build bonds

  • Create caring and considerate unions

Group of Friends
  • Express needs

  • Improve communication

  • Resolve concerns

  • Build confidence

  • Strengthen bonds

  • Grow closer



Jonathan P.

I've never stuck with therapy before, but she keeps me coming back every week, which is HUGE for me!

David L.

There is so much knowledge that I have gained from our sessions to guide me through going forward, and I am forever grateful.

Carl W.

My counselor has made me bring forth issues from within that I would not have shared with anyone.

Meet Our Team

ZSMITH-2021-04-26-00669 HiRespp.jpg

Madelynn Fellon

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

ZSMITH-2021-04-26-00468 HiRespp.jpg

Nicole Goldin

Licensed Addiction Counselor

ZSMITH-2021-04-26-00559 HiRespp.jpg

Megan Loos

Licensed Professional Counselor

ZSMITH-2021-04-26-00529 HiRespp.jpg

Andrea Wright

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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